LifeChapel | Life-Changing Faith and the Tooth Fairy
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Life-Changing Faith and the Tooth Fairy

There’s no other way for your faith-life to grow than to maintain a diligent, life-giving connection to the one we put our faith in.

Life-Changing Faith and the Tooth Fairy

I’m a horrible tooth fairy. Really.

Both of my kids have experienced disappointment and delay because the tooth fairy was evidently too busy to visit; she was on a fab vacay and promised to pay upon her return, or *gasp* she simply forgot. To see the hurt on my daughter’s face when the tooth remained under the pillow after night 2 (don’t judge!) broke my heart. On the other hand, my own heart leapt with joy watching the wonder of the discovery of the $2 appearing in exchange for an old tooth…

I’ve learned a lot recently about faith through my children. They have faith that the tooth fairy will come and leave a few bucks behind. They have faith that breakfast will be served when they wake up and that mom/dad will pick them up from school. In fact, they are downright shocked when the things they have faith for don’t happen!

If I’m honest, there are times my daughter’s faith in the tooth fairy is stronger than my faith in God. And that reality has sent me to dive into the Word to challenge and grow my faith.

Faith as Strong as Any

Hebrews 11: 1 AMP “Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things we hope for, being the proof of things we do not see and the conviction of their reality (faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses).”

I love this rendition because it states that our faith functions like the title deed of what we hope for. In other words, my faith is proof of ownership to the thing the Lord has spoken or the promise given. Faith is tangible. Faith has substance. Faith – which incorrectly has been likened to mere positive feelings toward – has power in the Spirit to actually fulfill what we have faith for. It’s almost as if our faith triggers a radar in heaven, releasing the anointing, favor, and resources needed to secure fulfillment of that which is being believed, trusted and being “faithed” for.

The older we become, the more difficult it is for us to cultivate the child-like faith Jesus requires his followers to embody in Mark 10:15. Life is tough! We get hurt and disappointed. But we must resist the tendency to project our jadedness onto God. He never changes! He is good! He is both author and perfecter of the dreams he himself has birthed within us. He not only is able, but he makes it his responsibility to turn our ashes into beauty; our difficulties into good. There are Kingdom promises and fulfilled dreams that await us on the other side of stepping out in life-changing faith.

How do we cultivate life-changing faith?

  1. Stay relationally connected to God. There’s no other way for your faith-life to grow than to maintain a diligent, life-giving connection to the one we put our faith in. No shortcuts here. We have to make time for him.
  2. Identify what’s true in Scripture. Biblically, what can we have faith for? If we aren’t reading the Word, we short-change ourselves on what God wants to give us, and wrongfully assume promises not given. His thoughts are not our thoughts, nor his ways our ways. A single-minded commitment to the Bible as truth will grow our faith.

What ways have you grown your faith?

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