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Growing – God so Loved that He Gave

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Growing – God so Loved that He Gave

Growing Turns into Giving

This morning as I reflected on the wonderful Easter celebration we had, I’m overcome with the fact that at the heart of the Gospel is an attitude of giving. As we continue in our GROW series, I want to submit to you that as we grow in our relationship with Jesus, we will become more giving, too. More giving of our time, more giving of our gifts and talents, more giving of grace and love towards others, and more giving of our finances to Kingdom causes.

Having the Faith Perspective

Isn’t it true that many of us approach giving through natural eyes? In other words, we look at what we have (excess time, excess dollars, who we FEEL like reaching out to) and make giving decisions accordingly. It’s humorous to me, because we never pray through natural eyes, we don’t have faith for things through natural eyes, we don’t want others to respond to us through natural eyes, and we certainly don’t want God to answer or bless us out of natural eyes – but we give that way.

As I think through the list of people who have invested in my life – those who are marked with a spirit of giving – I realize that their motivation to give was never out of an external abundance but – without exception – from an internal abundance. A giving spirit is birthed out of those who have gone through the fight and have made it through to the other side with fresh perspective and a tender heart. There’s something about enduring difficulty that has the power of either hardening or softening a heart – and those who have made the most impact on my life have had big, tender, GIVING hearts.

Choose this Day to Become a Giver

Determine to be a giver. Give when you have it and when you don’t. Give when you want to and when you don’t. Give when others deserve it and when they don’t. We become a little more like Jesus each time we do.

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